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What is (C.A.P.P) and am I part of it?


That is a legitimate question. The advancement of fatherhood work in Kentucky in recent years can be credited largely to the collaborative work of a volunteer group of individuals, agencies, and institutions that have come together, strategized, and built. In the past, this group was called the Kentucky Fatherhood Initiative (KFI) or the KFI Advisory Board, which met monthly. The Kentucky Fatherhood Summit was initially planned by that group. As the work has progressed and infrastructure has formed, the function of such a group has evolved. Knowing that there still needs a venue in which we can continue to collaborate, plan, and remain informed in partnership, the C.A.P.P. meetings will be the new and more effective format.This space, open to all interested and relevant parties, will occur quarterly.

2024 C.A.P.P Meetings

February 14, 2024

May 8, 2024

August 14, 2024

November 13, 2024

All Meetings 10:00am-11:30am EST

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