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KYDad Academy is a 6 week, 10-module training intensive covering a range of topics such as engagement, communication, advocacy, policy, and capacity building through facilitated instructional sessions from experienced leaders, organizers, and advocates for responsible fatherhood. The objectives for KYDad Academy include training fathers to engage with their children and families, developing a core group of men to be ambassadors for father engagement across the Commonwealth, enhancing knowledge, skills, and understanding of fathers’ rights, roles, and responsibilities, equipping fathers with tools to civically engage and work closely with programs and services within their community, and helping to build a network of fathers and fatherhood supporters to help change the narrative for fathers across Kentucky.

2022 KYDAD  Coverage MAp.png
Congratulations to all the 2022 Inaugural KYDAD Academy participants and completers.

Markus Brown

Daeron Ingram

Glenn Matthew Quinn

Brandon Pharis

Chris Bergin

Richard Brian

Adam Salyers

Mathais Bryant

Earl Young

Charles Riesbeck

Alphonso Carter

Derrick Lewis

Chris Marcum

Anthony Riley

Wesley McCaskill

Tyler Potts

Kelley Mills

Germaine Dunn

Vice Killebrew

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