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Capacity-building Mini-Grants were fundamental in building the Fatherhood State of Mind and promoting responsible and positive fatherhood engagement throughout the state. These mini-grants provided seed funding to a wide variety of community-based organizations, agencies, and community leaders to create, support, or implement activities for fathers and families.

In 2022, 14 Mini-grants, representing 12 different counties, were funded and invested in direct support of agencies and organizations that are doing the work with fathers and families across the state. It is our objective to identify these projects as potential ambassadors or "drum majors" for fatherhood programming in their respective areas. CCFF would in turn buttress and support efforts in hopes of the eventual establishment of regional hubs or outposts.


CCFF is excited about our first round of mini-grants used to support projects and programs that promote positive fatherhood engagement and its benefits to children, families, and communities where they live, work, and worship. A future opportunity will be available to any individual or organization seeking to deliver a project or program within Kentucky again in the fall of 2023.

CCFF seeks to improve child outcomes by ensuring services and activities are available to fathers and families throughout all 120 counties in the state of Kentucky. These services and activities will focus on:

  1. Increased responsible fatherhood

  2. Economic stability (employment)

  3. Healthy relationships

  4. Advocacy that will strengthen fathers, families, and communities through positive fatherhood engagement. Apply and share with those you know across counties who may be interested. Join us in this work so that fathers, children, and families across the Commonwealth can be lifted.

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